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Photo Credit:  social.englishme  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: social.englishme via Compfight cc

“Fail to plan, plan to fail”

It happens all the time.  An organization needs specific people to run smoothly.  When they are unavailable, everyday breaks can become very painful.  And more and more this is coming under regulatory scrutiny as shown by this article.

Let’s look at a simple example common to many organizations. Let’s say every so often your business application crashes. Vince, your lead admin, knows how to get it reconnected and how to deal with the ripple effects from this breakage. He'll have to handle this every time until someone can fix the underlying issue or automate a solution.

What if Vince is sick? What if Vince quits? What if it happens at night?  Without a plan in place this type of dependency is risky for your business.

So lets make a plan. Vince sits down with us. Vince walks us through the fix he’s been doing every day, from the initial breakage to dealing with that ripple effect. We take that tacit knowledge and draft explicit documentation that is approved by Vince himself.  Every time the crash occurs thereafter, we handle it.

Vince can now spend his time moving you forward!

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