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What do saving lives, flying planes, and great support operations have in common? Checklists!


This engrossing TED Talk by Atul Gawande gets to the heart of making systems work.  Pit crews, not individuals, make the most important systems in the world work, from airplanes to surgical teams, and they all use well-designed checklists.


Common checklists include your weekend todo’s and meeting agendas, but more critical examples include pre-flight checklists for pilots, pre-surgery checklists for surgical teams, and checklists to ensure systems come back up properly after restarts.


The bottom-line: a well-written checklist can save millions of dollars and as you’ll find out, save lives. The checklists his team put in place at 6 centers across the globe reduced surgical death rates by 50%!  No drug could come close to that.


At Ontime Ops we’ve found that the rigorous design and use of checklists lead to higher process performance with fewer errors, quicker onboarding of new employees, and reduced keyman risk. 


Just as Dr. Pronovost made a checklist to ensure his nurses were following the rules in order to save lives, at Ontime Ops checklists make sure we do the right process the right way and get the right outcome.  And consistent processes lead to consistent outcomes, our most important goal!


Checklists are just one piece of our formula for success; contact Sean Flynn for a consultation to see if you can benefit from our unique L1 Managed Service.

Link to the TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/atul_gawande_how_do_we_heal_medicine