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Check out a TED Talk we love and live, how to actually create more time!

  • When we think time management, we think about how we use our time each day. We wake up and make a plan. By prioritizing we try to make the best use of our day.

  • It turns out however, that we aren’t managing time but instead we are managing ourselves. Time is continuous and goes on whether we like it or not. Time can’t be added or stopped during the day.  We can change.

  • So instead of looking at time we should look at our capabilities and our goals and think about how to optimize the two.   And it turns out that by considering not just the priority of something, but its total significance over days or months or years, we can make the investments we need to ultimately save ourselves effort, effectively creating time for ourselves out of nothing! 

  • A good example is delegation.  It always takes investment.  If we look purely at the priority of tasks today, it will always be faster to do things ourselves.  But if we look over a longer horizon and can identify parts of our workload that can be handled by someone else, then we get ourselves time to do more important things.

  • At Ontime Ops we are enablers for this kind of process change.  Our teams actively seek out and invest in processes they can relieve support engineers of.  We create up to 50% more time for them!