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Long-term, Ontime’s Managed L1 Service saves 95% of the time previously required by senior Support leadership, including both direct and executive managers.

Ontime set out to quantify this savings by reviewing records across several client engagements.  We first documented the time spent managing L1 support functions prior to our engagements.  We found significant time spend on an ongoing basis, often in unproductive and frustrating activities for senior support managers.

We then documented the time spent by management as a function of the incident and request load handled by Ontime L1 teams.  The chart below shows the aggregated results:


Management time changes in distinct phases:        

  • Initially there is an investment bump of about 100% as process changes  require management input.        
  • This quickly tapers off as success metrics are defined for regular reporting        
  • The time continues to taper to where weekly time is typically less than 15 minutes, less than 5% of the time spent originally.

In the past we focused on the savings of your skilled support engineer’s time, which can be as high as 50%.  But even more remarkable is the savings we bring to senior management and obviously senior management’s time is extremely valuable as these are the most leveraged individuals in your support organization.   

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