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The chart below really jumped out of a recent report from Indeed.  It shows how many of the job categories that we support are at the top of the difficult to fill list:

Many of the processes we document and manage provide leverage for existing staff.  This helps out in a couple ways.  First, that means existing staff have more time.  Sometimes as much as 50% more time.  That's like hiring a whole new person!  Second, we tend to take the routine stuff, the tasks that likely lead to turn-over.

So in both ways we really help keep our clients out of the need-to-fill situation altogether.

Another interesting chart from the same Indeed report:

This shows you how long this pain can go on, once you get into the need-to-fill situation.  In fact in our experience, in the industry we have the most experience with, Finance, having open positions in operations and support for significantly longer is the norm.  Particularly if you count the number of times the first hire doesn't actually work, even after you've let them come up to speed for several more months.  You can easily be talking about over a year!

Let us know what you think.  Does your experience match ours?